Does Canada allow Americans to bring atv's / four wheelers across the border?

And are there any public places to trail ride and camp all in one general location ?

Answer #1

i dont think they do

Answer #2

I thought we did, but I could be wrong.

Answer #3

Yes we do … hunting season brings in a mass of Americans and all their noisy, pollution-causing machines. I abhor it, personally.

Answer #4

I Think So .. For Hunting

Answer #5

Thanks. I did not realize that or never thought about it. I know some down here can be really disrespectful. My wife and I just love nature and the best way to get “there” with a limited amount of time at our disposal is on a four wheeler. We’re pretty low key. Alot of the american “hunting trips” are really just “ drunk fests” and hunting is the excuse they use to tell their wives, it’s a shame.

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