Can you "Pop your cherry" from masturbation?

I’ve seen a lot of articles about people who said they mistook their period for their cherry being popped. Can that happen from masturbation.

Answer #1

Popping your cherry is a term meaning that your hymen was broken. the hymen is a thin layer of skin inside your vagina.

and yes you can break this through masturbation, but most of the time its broken through vigorous sports, or just being active. other times using tampons can do it.

but dont worry, this doesnt mean that your not a virgin anymore :]

Answer #2

Your hymen can break but the term popping your cherry refers to your hymen breaking when you lose your virginity. You don’t lose your virginity during masurbaton. You can break your hymen doing a thousand different things, even putting in a tampon or playing sports.

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