Should i take the piercing out?

I Got my Cartilage pierced 2 weeks ago with a gun at walmart... And it still hurts.. throbbing pain constintly acually.. red kinda warm feeling..A little swollen and hurts to move it. and there is a big bump when I take the ring out.. no pus coming out of it. just some clear liquid. Should I take the piercing out?

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I got mine done and it was like that for about 3 weeks. So I think you should keep it in, unless you want to take it out. But it does that for a few weeks.

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You should Never, Neverr, NEVERRR get you cartlige pierced by a gun, 1. it will hurt more, 2. it can shatter your cartlige. 3. Its more pron to infections.

My advice would be, to just clean it - ALOTTT
Do NOT use anything alcoholic to clean it, that will cause the new cells that are trying to heal the "wound" die, therefore prolonging the healing process and possible causing infection.

If need be, go to a local tattoo/piercing parlor, and talk to a piercer about what to do.

Good luck

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I got mine done when I was in the 6th grade and I had the same thing it was warm all the time and hurt and was swollen with a small bump that eventually grew into the size of a pea which I then figuered out it was a keloid...and it isnt good leaving it in if its swollen with a ring in it will eventually start to force it self on the ring which just makes things worse..I had to get mine cut off and if I were you I would take it out..goodluck

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Well I have my cartilage peirced twice on each ear..when I first got them for about three weeks they were red and swolen... it is normal for them to be painful and red. if it doesn't get better with in a week they are infected. Just make sure you clean them really good and keep your fingers off of it I know its hard but your hands have jerms. Also if you put your hair up it's more comfortable that way your hair isn't getting stuck in it every five seconds that is very painful. good luck!

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I haven't gotten my cartilage peirced but I know a lot about peircings. If the pain, throbbing, and redness hasn't gone down within the 3 weeks that you got the peircing it should be removed immidiately and contact a docter. And you said that liquid is coming out of it?? I dont think that's good. maybe if you go to a claries that does peircings you can ask them about it. hope I helped alittle

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