If you get your ear pierced do you have to take your own earring?

ok once again if you get your ear pierced at a tattoo place do you have to take your own earring or do they have them there??? lol

Answer #1

They pierce your ears with their own earrings :) you also get to pick them out.

Answer #2

they give you the earrings they tell you to keep them in for a few weeks but you can take them out after a few hours.. I pierced my own ears loads of times.!! :]

Answer #3

they will not pierce with earrings other than the ones in the shop for saftey reasons. and DO NOT take them out in a couple hours and switch them. keep in the earrings you get pierced with untill healed.

Answer #4

If a tattoo artist also does piercings, then they’ll have everything they need to do the job right there. They probably won’t pierce with stuff that someone brings in for safety/sanitary reasons.

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