Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger

Okay I had my period on the 10 and on the 21 I was fooling around with my boyfriend he fingerd me with sperm on his finger what are the chances of getting pregnant was I ovulating?

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yes you defintley could ...

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if that was the case every body will start fingering their selfs in order to become pregnant. I wish becoming preganat could be that easy! itwould be cheap and painless! - bt no I dont think that can happen!- thats just silly!- and hasnt been proven!

Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?
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Yes you can get pregnant if you get sperm on or around your vagina and even if you insert sperm manually. You can spontaneously ovulate any time during the month and sperm can also live up to a week inside you. Ovulation usually occurs 1 week before menstruating but can occur at other times. Please use protection of some sort if pregnancy is not desired.

Can getting fingered wit sperm and your finger gt you pregnant?
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It is a simple question, and a lot of people are being judgemental. It depends on how quickly the sperm enters the vagina. One could get pregnant, but it is probably unlikely. Although, people get pregnant all the time with the turkey baster method ... so be careful.
PS .. a lot of people on here need to learn how to spell (talking to you TrueBlue)

Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?
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All these people that are saying that sperm dies as soon as it is exposed 2 air are all wrong! Cause sperm can live outside the human body for up to 7 days! So yes it is possible that you are pregnant!

Can u get pregnant from someone pouring the sperm out of a condom into their vagina?
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Yes you can get pregnant this way, I know of people who have! Always alwahys always make sure you and your partner wash your hands or anything that has gotten cum on it before it goes anywhere near the vagina! Don't use the withdrawl method either if you have sex, pre-cum containing sperm is still under deate but it is generally thought that if sperm is in the urethra from prior ejaculatoions, it can come out during pre-cum, plus pulling out is risky - who says you pulled out in time for ALL the come to be outside the vagina? It IS difficult for someone to get pregnant - the females system kills more sperm than it allows through BUT it only takes one sperm to get through! There is something like 100,000 sperm in each drop of cum! Just e careful and if you are under 16 DONT mess around, it is only my advice ut there is the law in place for a reason - your body is still developing! 16 is even too young in my opinion, although I am sure many will disagree with me!

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I fingered ma g.f...but before an hr
I masturbated...n after that I washed ma hands nt she gt preg...

Can you get a girl pregnant by fingering?
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the sperm dies as soon as its exposed to air... so the chances of getting pregnant like that are slim to none.

Can girls really get pregnant from swimming in a lake after a guy got his sperm in it?
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I was fooling around with my girlfriend today and we were touching each other a bit and it was all a bit hazy, but I may have got some sperm on my finger before fingering her, but I hadnt ejaculated yet it was just the other stuff, is ther a chance she could have gotten pregnant? I think her period 11 days ago.

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ovulation starts after your period and lasts up to 14days and thats when you can get pregnant so if you were in the ovulation period you could be pregnant.

Am I pregnant from him fingering me?
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the things people think of...-__-;; Anyway, sperm is sperm. I'm guessing you meant he had cum on his finger? Cum contains certain chemicals that protect the sperm while it's traveling thru the vagina to the egg. The more cum, the more chance to get pregnant. So YES, you definitely COULD get pregnant, under the conditions you stated. Hope this helps!

Pregnant if my boyfriend fingered me?
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how is the sperm going to die before it reaches her egg? in the air? you can freeze sperm for years and it's still good. most likely you are not pregnant, since you ovulate in the middle of your cycle (assuming 30 days), you would not have an egg in the right place after 11 days.

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Hello everyone have you not read the comments prior to this from nurses and many people. I just had to read this because I am a mother of three, and find it ridiculious. Lets break it down very simply (sperm + vagina = possibility of pregnancy) plain and simple!

If you are not old enough to understand how it operates, then you should not be playing with it!

Majority of womens cycles that are normal, are 28 days, which is why the normal ovulation day is 14 days past the (first) day of the woman's period, however this can change fo each and every woman, because each and every woman is different, especially teenagers, whose bodies are still developing and changing!

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it doesnt been to be proven people. its a proven fact that pre-cum is even more... 'deadly' then regular cum. and uh, it can live in the vagina for up to 3 days so dont let people fool you.

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get birth control. and if you dont wanna tell your parents, then find a birth control center yourself. I started having sex at 14 but I asked dad for birth control.

look, we all want to experiment. but the truth is, you ARE only 13, and if you honestly dont want a kid and stilll want to have sex then find a birth control center yourself. they cant tell your parents, even if you are a minor so dont be scared to do it urself.

it'd be free for you

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im your age I think that that is a really bad thing to do but that is only my opinion. you could be pregnant if there was spem I would tell a perent that you have miss you period and ask if you can go to the doctors and get that cheaked and work from there

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