Can i get pregnant just from fingering?

actually last month on 20 august my boyfriend did the fingering first time ...n after that I got the periods aprrox 7-8 days later bt now am feeling little pain in it any swalllowing ??? or am pregnant ...please help me am very worried abt that

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You can not get pregnant from fingering alone. If he put his hand on his penis and then touched you, you could get an STD and if he had sperm on his hand then you could get pregnant that way. Other than that way, you can't get pregnant from fingering.

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You can get pregnant if there's sperm on his hand he goes fingers you, however this is very slim...

Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?
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Even if he had sperm on his finger, it would VERY unlikely that could cause pregnancy because sperm are very delicate/short lived while amidst semen/ the rest of ejaculate. However it'd be safe 4 him to put a "rubber" on his chosen fingers also

Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger

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