Can you get marijuana out of your system in 2 or 3 weeks?

Can you get marijuana out of your system in 2 or 3 weeks? I smoked maybe 5 times in the past month. The marijuana I smoked was from Amsterdam so it was pretty high in THC. What can I do to speed up the process of it getting out of my system? If I run like crazy will it go away?

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No, I would advice drink lots of water and or cranberry juice and you'll just have to wait it out for about a month, month and a half.

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most head shops have detox drinks that can either coat your intestines so the THC doesn't come out when you pee, or they clean out your system in few days. the down side is that as detox drinks get more effective, so do the pee tests. a lot of them now look for things like that. wheatgrass is a natural detox you can find at most smoothie shops. also, you can start taking b complex vitamins and drinking plenty of fluids without sugar.

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Marijuana takes about a month if your a heavy user however you can remove traces within couple of days if you know what to do.

I was surprised when I passed a drug test and smoked 2 days be4 taking it
all I did was drink water but I was careful not to drink excessively cus doing so can be harmful so if your a casual smoker yeah I would say you could remove traces within 2-3 weeks

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detox 7 pills help and it get its out your system in a couple of days but you have 2 go through the process.

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yeah they have this stuff that can get it out in a few days!! work well forgot the name sorry jsut go to a health store and itll probabley be there

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workout THC is stored in fat so go work out. and dont smoke weed

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I would have to agreee with dimekid lol oh yea you'll be sweating a lot and it is the best way
but if you can get the boody just go running like the lonely people do lol

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YES THIS IS THE BEST WAY... roll the windows up in your car. then turn up the heat and do it wit your girlfriend/boyfriend and by time your done youll be covered in sweat. sweating gets rid of all the toxins that will make you fail a test but since sweat an be absorbed back in your skin, you should take a shower right afterwards and drink a few glasses of water and repeat the process the next day for a week and your good!

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