Best way to get marijuana out of your system?

What is the best way to get marijuana out of your system?

Answer #1

Well, the best way is to stop doing it…ideally.

Answer #2

vinegar water vitamin b12 and excersise… worked for me… got clean in 4 days!!!

Answer #3

more? no I dont think so. just let it pass. like alachole. drink a lot of water.

Answer #4

I dont think you can get rid of pot from bein in your system. I tried drinking a lot of water and everything and it still did not work. it stays in your system for a month. you either stop bein stupid and stop doin it or just get in trouble and have a sucky life where you spend all your money on it

Answer #5

detox kits at General Nutrition Stores they work sometime the same day

Answer #6

Im 15 years old and been on probation for 3 years now and this is how i pass my weekly uas. First i dont smoke for a day then the next day i buy 2 vitamin waters or 1 but make sure you took a piss before drinking them. Then when you take a piss in the cup make sure its not diluted easily i can tell if it is or not. But drink them a hour before you go or on your way. I am 5’ 8” and 135 pounds. I promise you that this will work if you do it right. VITAMIN WATER IS NOT EXPENSIVE.

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