How can I get a puppy?

I relly want a puppy . a couple of years ago my grand parents brong 2 cats home w have had them ever scence and my friends dog just had puppies pure breed of pits we could get a 800 dollar puppy for free and I wanted one sooo bad I called my dad told him 2 ask my grand pa if I could have 1 I would do extra chores around the house to earn money 2 take care of him walk, bath , and feed him I would go to summer school every year 2 earn money for check ups and he knows I (HATE) summer school but he still said no and a week after that my uncle brong a puppy to the house and my grampa new that I was happy with the puppy playing with him and all and then he also noticed I was sad cause I wanted a puppy relley bad and I was do you think you can help me im sad and cunfused

Answer #1

Ask your Grandpa to talk to your Dad about the puppy and see if he can be pursuaded - if not, abide by what your Dad says - with time, you’ll be able to get one I’m sure…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

It’s a big responsibility caring for one…why don’t you purchase/get one a little older.. first off, make sure you are showing them you can handle that kind of responsibility by doing chores or something.

Answer #3

Would it be possible that your grandfather likes puppies but not the breed of pit bull?

Pit bulls are a very unpredictable dog and when they snap, they snap.

I have personal knowledge of someone having been bit by their own pit bull at least twice now.

Perhaps your grandfather will reconsider if your puppy choice is something else besides a pit bull.

Answer #4

go on and

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