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Can they search me for tinted windows?

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This complaint letter was written to the sheriff's department and the whole story is behind it.

I was pulled over by your division on 12-31-08 for tinted windows Citation number S355702 according to the officer(s): A. Veatch (badge/employee number 506211) and R. Velasquez (badge/employee number 462136). My driving conditions were normal, driving at the speed limit with no traffic. One of the officers, a female to be specific because I do not know the name specifically, asked me the following questions, Have you ever been arrested? I answered NO. Are you currently on probation? I answered NO. Are you affiliated with any gangs? I answered NO. She also frequently kept asking me if I been ever arrested. I answered NO. I was very polite and cooperative with the officers. She asked me to step out the car and performed a search on me. Honestly in my possession was less than a gram of marijuana and a pipe. My complaint is tinted windows does give the officers a probable cause to perform a search on me according to my attorney, under the circumstances that I was alone, not under the influence of any drugs/alcohol, no illegal items were in the vehicle, the officers did not inquire if I authorized them the consent to search me or the vehicle or simply asked if I had any illegal items on me or in the vehicle BEFORE the small amount of marijuana was found. I would have been cooperative with the officers if they asked. Now I would document that as either appearance, racial or age discrimination to perform a search just for tinted windows. The second complaint I would like to discuss is after the search was performed for the vehicle everything inside was misplaced and they left a mess in the car. I also I had a FUNCTIONING laptop that was in car BEFORE the search was performed. AFTER the search was performed the laptop was misplaced and turned upside down and now the condition of the laptop is not functioning. I feel extremely discriminated and upset of the situation that proper procedures was not performed correctly by the officers and that a tint ticket results out to me in consideration of purchasing a new laptop and misdemeanor that the marijuana could have been confiscated and a warning could been issued since it was a very small amount and my records were clean with no criminal offenses.

Basically did the cops have enough probable cause to pull me out the car to search me whether the weed was present or not just for tinted windows?