Why aren't they mad?

Ok so last night my parents caught having me sex with my girlfriend and they freaked out but there not mad I dont get it could someone help me out

Answer #1

well it may b that is something natural that eather way your gonna do it!!!

Answer #2

what exactly is it that you need help with?

Answer #3

What is there to ‘get’? They have probably figured it out that they can get mad all they want but it’s not going to stop you from doing it.

Answer #4

well I dont get why there not mad im only 16 I figured my parents and her parents would have killd us for that I dont understand why they aint mad

Answer #5

Because them being mad wont stop you from doing it and I’m pretty sure they realized that. I’m sure all they care about is that you’re being safe.

Answer #6

you’ve done it. they probably knew you were as dirty as most teens now a days. there’s no stopping it. they probably know that even if they tell you how wrong it is for a teen to be doing it, or stay mad at you to show you how they feel and how much they care. they know you’re gonna do it again. they know you don’t respect yourself enough to wait, so I’m pretty sure they’re done respecting you as their child. you’re no longer their child in their eyes. for they do not care what you do anymore. :( I feel bad for you.

Answer #7

All parents were teenagers too at one point, and you’re lucky enough to understanding ones who realize that their son is turning into a man.

Answer #8

teens are called teens (13-19 years of age) because they’re not adults. adults are called men/ women. teens are not either. they should not be doing the adult things in life, and whether these “teens” want to believe it or not, it is.

Answer #9

yumiyukai, when you’re ready for sex, you’re ready for it and as long as you use protection and are responsible there is nothing wrong with it, stop being so judgemental and such a prude. Also the guys is 18 and to me that is an adult.

As for your parents, they probably realised that there is nothing they can do to stop you from doing it and that you are old enough to make your own decisions.

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