Can non-sexual contact cause pregnancy ?

Hello , Please reply this as fast as you can - I and my girlfriend have been 2gether for sum months and we are teenagers - we have nothing 2 do with sex and have never done it - we have kissed (lips) , held hands , touched (simple one) each-other - We heard that due 2 these physical contacts (not sexual) girl can get pregnant during menstruation cycle - Is it possible ??? Answerer should b deeply appreciated - Thank You ...

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if a gal kissed a boy penis ll she get preganet? or lick it? 1 of ma friend she did already she need advice :)

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sperm has to come in contact with her vagina for her to become pregnant kissing and touching cant get her pregnant unless you have sperm/cum on your fingers and touch her vagina

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you can but it's rare

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No, non sexual contact can not cause sexual pregnancy.
The only way that a girl can get pregnant is if the vagina has contact with precum or cum that comes out from the penis when the boy is excited. This can happen by either rubbing, or inserting your penis or something else that may have cum or precum on it (ex.: hands).
It's great that you came here for advice and I encourage you to continue to learn about your bodies. Since you and your girlfriend are starting to explore you should get more information about sex so here is one of many sex education websites that you can visit:
Have fun!

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Not from like kissing and stuff, no.
But sperm can be quite sneaky, actual sex doesn't have to occur for her to get pregnant in like a situation where the male gets his sperm on his fingers somehow then fingers her, even that could do the trick. Something like that is rare, I'm sure, but possible.

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