Can I put a china bowl in a microwave???

Quick Question, can I melt choclate in the microwave in a china bowl or can you not put china in a microwave??? Thanx

Answer #1

the best way to melt chocolate is you put the chocolate in a bowl (I don’t know what kind of bowl but I do know glass would work so maybe china too) then boil some water in a pot and put the bowl on top of the pot while the water is boiling. the chocolate will melt to it’s best like that. be sure to stir!! oh, you may want to add a little bit of milk too.

Answer #2

chocolate goes soo strange if you put it in the microwave without putting something like sunflower oil in with it too.

The way I do it is to get a glass bowl and fill it with hot water,then get a bowl (china ones work) and put the chocolate in it and let it melt like that.

It’s slower but works.

Answer #3

You can put a china bowel in the microwave as long as there is no metal! Metal+microwaves=bad.

Answer #4

yes as long as its not got any metal or gold rims it will work just as well.

Answer #5

I would just put the chocolate in a glass bowl and then in the microwave. I HATE melting chocolate on the stove! It takes longer than it needs to. I wouldn’t just use any china, some aren’t microwave safe. Just use a basic glass/hard plastic bowl.

Answer #6

Why don’t you just microwave it in a ziplock bag and then cut a hole in the corner when melted?

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