Can I give my 6 month cows milk?

All of the shops in my village are shut and my 4 year old tipped over his milk powder

Answer #1

Well if it’s for your baby then go way out untile you find a place that has milk powder

Answer #2

no cows milk

Answer #3

Frankitory, you NEVER EVER give a baby honey. Not until they are over 1 year old because of botulism.

If you could have salvaged a bit of the formula, that would have been best… but cows milk is probably ok for once or twice. Be prepared to have a gassy, fussy, uncomfortable baby.

I keep a bit of powder reserved in the diaper bag. Also, try to always have a full container on hand besides the one you’ve opened. It’ll save your butt when you run out. :)

Answer #4

Absolutely no to the honey… the 6 month rule about cows milk is fairly recent. Dilute it with cereal and go to the store as soon as it opens.

Answer #5

Its not supposed to be good for them before they reach a year old. But I bet our parents and our parents parents wouldnt have thought twice about it.

Answer #6

I wouldn’t suggest it, give them warm water and honey, or something, not actual milk.

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