Can i buy a car after a repo?

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You mean after yours has been repossesed or a repod car?

If 1) It depends on your credit rating, if youve had a car Repo'd, credit companies think your a bad egg and will refuse you any money. Unless you pay in cash. If your buying back a car youve had repo'd it depends upon the kindness of your lender, just dont expect a friendly response!

If 2) Repo'd cars are sold then the money is paid back to the bank/car dealer etc. to pay off your debt. If you want to buy a repo's car, its just like buying a regular car.

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Yes, Repossessed cars are sold at auction all the time. Just remember to be careful. If your car was taken, you can buy a new car. Getting financing will be the problem. If you can somehow find a company that will finance you and a car cheap enough, you can get financing.

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