Am I pregnant if he pulled out on time?

I am a teenager i am only 16…. I had sexy with my boyfriend with out a condom and he pull out on time.I was bleeding and i was not on my period but i been having alot of pain in my stomach i get really bad headechs. Am i pregnat ?

Answer #1

y r u havin unprotected sex?thats the question.but everbody makes mistakes.gurl i kno what u r goin through becuz i went through the same thing 2 but its all good now though.but u might be pregnant maybe he dripped inside of u before he to it out or somethin.but a male should kno if he knutted in a female or not

Answer #2

you could be pregant there is no say on if he got sperm inside you or not…And if you bleed that means your cheryr poped

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