Can anyone help me find information on herpes products?

My boyfriend noticed a rash on his penis so he went to the doctor and the doctor said it was some sort of allergic reaction, so he changed soap, laundry soap, cologne, etc. to see if it would help. The rash started to get darker so he went to the doctor again, his doctor said it’s herpes. So he ended up giving him pills to take for it, he took the pills as instructed, he’s been done the pills for a week now and it’s not getting ANY better. Could the doctor be wrong about what it is, or put him on the wrong kind of medication? His doctor seems a bit weary about it and uncertain, my boyfriend told me.

Him and I are going to the clinic on Monday for a second opinion but I was wondering if anyone on here knows any type of cream or something that will help at all?

We were going to have sex but the second he put the condom on it started hurting because of the pressure, so we had to stop and obviously aren’t going to go unprotected especially with this outbreak he’s having.

Is there anything we can do, like any over-the-counter stuff that could help for the time being? I had my pap on Wednesday and the doctor said everything is looking good in there for me.

Answer #1

The medication usually does not clear up the first outbreak right away. There is nothing really to make the pain or symptoms go away that is over the counter. If he’s having an outbreak you should NOT have any sexual contact, even if you use a condom the sores around the base of his penis could still infect you. Also, you can get herpes even if he doesn’t have an outbreak so ALWAYS use condoms. You should also get tested…even if you are not having symptoms you could still be affected. Sometimes you can carry the herpes virus for awhile before you have an outbreak. There is a pill that he can take that is supposed to lessen the duration of the outbreak but it’s prescription and he has to take it everyday…I believe it’s called Valtrex.

Good luck :)

Answer #2

I have herpes so you guys can talk to me. I just found out and I know it is scary. That does sound like herpes, and the medication probably didn’t work because he did not take it soon enough. Eventually it will clear up on its own. However, even when he is not having an outbreak you can still get herpes. You should always use protection and it is possible that you can already have it if you two have been sexually active in the past. You can not get tested for it unless you are actually having an outbreak though.

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