Camping gear

My family is about to go camping over a weekend. we will have a screened in porch like area to sleep in, so we don’t need a tent. I have a cooler, air mattress, blankets, camp stove, pots and pans, and fishing gear, food, eating utinsels. this will be the first time I’ve been the adult in charge of packing for this trip, so am I leaving anything out?

Answer #1

1.tent 2.colmen stove 3.toliet paper 4.shovel(for primative camping( if you get w/ I mean lol) soap 6.bucket for washing dishes. 7.Babey wipes (to keep clean if you dont have aces to showers) 8.good walking shoes. 9.and of couirse marshmellows @ grand crakcers.

Answer #2

a good coleman lantern is a must- two would be better.(FUEL NOT BATTERY POWERED) mosquito repellent- some kind of anti mosquito candles. MARSHMALLOWS!!! A good camp axe, and a small shovel. a book of ghost stories.

Answer #3

dont forget toliet paper.

Answer #4

matches, flashlight, some good books! have a great time

Answer #5

The hubby and baby? Just a thought…

Answer #6

umm.. wood… matches, mini-first aid kit… toilet paper, baby wipes in cazse there are no showers,

Answer #7

rope for a clothing line. camping chairs?

Answer #8

chocolate. just bring chocolate.

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