How many calories should a woman have if they are not active at all?

Answer #1

None :) Well, it all depends on your height and everything. I think its around 2000 a day for someone who’s active (that’s an average amount).For someone who isn’t active I think it would be around 1700-1800 a day..

Answer #2

I have got what you are looking for. 1st of all you will need a calorie calculator. It will need your weight, age, height etc and then tell you the approximate calorie you will need for a normal daily life. If you are not active at all then you can reduce some calories from the result, Go to this link for calculating -

For example A girl with 55 , height 5’4 inch needs near 1922 calories to maintain current weight. You can also estimate the calories require for increasing or reducing your weight.

Answer #3


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