What are calories from fat?

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it means how much of the total calories come from fat.

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Does that mean that it turns into fat or whaat? ^that doesn't help me AT ALL! i already knew that.

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the body needs fats to function but if you go over that then it'll become excess baggage in your hips and belly.

ask a useless question, get a useless answer in return.

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The calories from fat, indicates the number of calories that are coming from fat. The body will use this energy unless you are in a surplus of calories.

Calories from fat are usually only used when trying to make a diet with ratios, such as 40% of total calories are fats, meaning if you ate 2,000 calories a day, 800 calories or ~88g would be fat.

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I didn't ask for your opinion on how useless my question was, sweet heart. Thanks.

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