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can you buy a c-section if you dont want a birth that involves pushing

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um I don't thnk c-section is the answer to your problem c-sections can b very deadly if things dosent go ryt sometym the child or the mother can end up dieing there is other ways but threw it all pregnancy is pain

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you don't have to buy a c-section if the baby is to big or it don't really seem like he/she wants to come out then the doctors will perform a c-second...


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Not to my knowledge.

A doctor will give a c-section if it's required for health reasons, but otherwise, suck it up and push that baby out like women have been doing since the beginning of time.

I sometimes think that if you can't handle pain, you just shouldn't get pregnant!

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Some places can provide optional c-sections...But most doctors won't unless it's necessary due to the fact that c-sections are more dangerous than a normal child birth. It may sound scary to push a human out of that area, but it's how it's meant to happen. It's WAY safer than them having to cut through half of your body just to pull a baby out! Healing time is faster with a natural birth also, c-sections take months to heal and moving can feel almost impossible for the first 2 weeks...Get an epidural and push that baby out! It's SOOO much eaiser than going through surgery! And you can enjoy your baby a little more, not having to worry about all the stitches from a c-section!

Everything will be fine! And the feeling of knowing you did it is even better! Good luck!


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