Would you buy a treadmill or join a gym to use a treadmill?

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I would prefer to buy a treadmill.

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Right now I have a gym membership but I don't have the motivation to get in the car and drive and deal with it. When I go there around once a week I end up basically just using the treadmill for half an hour and some of the elliptical. I used to be real motivated when I joined and did weight training. But somehow I'm not anymore. The membership is $50 a month and I had it for 4 years so I feel like I have been wasting some money as there are times when 2 or 3 months will pass and I don't even go. But what if I buy the treadmill and then used it for awhile and stop using it after the newness wears out?

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If u ONLY want to run then buy bt tht can get boring after a while. Plus if u join a gym u can use the ellipticall weights and even take classes and sometimes even take a swim. I'd prefer a gym membership, but thats me

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I'd prefer to buy a treadmill because I'm self-conscious and when I sweat I worry that I smell terrible. If I'm inside, I can stink all I want haha.

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Id prefere going to the gym to use a treadmill.

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I joined Gold's Gym and I feel great. There are so many classes you can take now at Gold's. I work out a lot more than my legs as a fighter so it only made sense to get a membership. But do what is best for your financial situations.

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I would rather buy the treadmill . I wouldn't want to be around other people when I work out . I hate having to do stuff infront of people . Plus , if I'm at home I could put the tv on or favorite radio station while I run . [=

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if i didn't already have a membership i would buy it

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If you dont intend on using the treadmill for a good length of time it would be better getting a gym membership but if you intend on doing it alot you may aswell as buy a treadmill

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I just joined a gym and love it, they have a womens section, so you don't have to be around guys. & they have t.v for all the treadmills and have Wii Fi!!!!

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