Where to buy an old school Polaroid camera?

does anyone know where you can buy an old school Polaroid camera? I’ve tried looads of thrift shops but I cant seem to find any anywhere :(

Answer #1

Definitely eBay. You can find anything on there; including the film necessary. (I have a polaroid and you need different types of film for different effects on your pictures.) Hope this helps! :)

Answer #2

sorry I dont know where you can find them just keep loking and maybe you will get lucky. or you can just buy an other kind of camera.

Answer #3

There are currently over 200 listed on eBay… not too expensive either…


Answer #4

Check the pawn shops in your area.

Answer #5

not sure but um INTERNET

Answer #6

how about try www.vintagepolaroids.com they have tons of the old school stuff

Answer #7

walmart sells them…

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