What should i do buy the purse that $34.50 or go to the movies to see toy story 3 with my friends?

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I think you should go to see the movie. Having fun and making memories is a lot more better than having just an object.

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go c toy story, you get to spend time w/your friends and have memories

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I'd go for the purse. The purse lasts a lot longer than a movie. You could always rent the movie for 5 bucks and have a movie night with your friends! I love movie nights because you can do and say what you want in the comfort of you own home! Plus, its a lot cheaper.

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But what friends would come to the movie night, if they all already saw it in the theater without her?

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Why do you have to choose? The costs are not even comparable. A movie ticket with a student ID is what, $7?
That's nothing close to the price of the purse.

so, I say: Ask your parents for the $7 for the movie and go buy the purse on
your own...hard for me to type this because almost $35 for a purse is
crazy to me. But that's my suggestion.

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Im going to the movies with mii friends, but i juss got a $50 gift certificate to anywhere so im getting the purse too!!!! it all worked out....................

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That is great!! I believe good things come to those who share... you were going to take your friends to the movies and basically got rewarded for your good deed! :)

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Friends that like to hang out! My friends and I do it all the time. I'm just getting home from a movie night myself. Inglorious Basterds and Funny People. Old movies, but its still very enjoyable when you have great company.

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IMHO, experience worth way higher than material possession.

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WOW! I need to move to NC! The movie theatre I go to sells "discounted" tickets at a rate of $9. A total ripoff! Not only that, there are so many obnoxious kids that like to talk on the phone, throw food, scream at the screen, smoke, and have sex in the theatre. My friends really have to twist my arm to go with them. Ugh....I absolutely loathe the movies now.

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