Does anyone know where I can buy flat bamboo strips in London?

like in a store or something?

Answer #1

What do you intend to use them for / what size do you need / area do you need to cover.

You can get large rolls of Bamboo Screen designed mainly for use in the garden (I think sizes are (typically 2 metre x 4 metre) from places like B & Q. B&Q also currently have Bamboo items including: flooring; bath mat; window blinds, feature poles and lampshades.

U have pre-loaded “Bamboo” into the search box in the B&Q site at:


it will return about 7 pages of results, describing items available, with images and prices.

You can order on-line or visit their stores at:

Unit 1 Broadway Retail Park, Cricklewood Lane, Cricklewood, London - 020 8438 3200

524 Old Kent Rd, London - 020 7252 0657

2 Larch Dr, London - 020 8995 8028

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

Sorry the link dropped the search details. I will try again,

if it drops the search again, you will have to enter the “Bamboo” search yourself manually from the B&Q home page.

Answer #3

I see that the new link is functioning as intended. The large bamboo screens are on page 3 of 7 at the time of posting.

Answer #4

i need it for a project, like ive looked at B&Q but its not what i want…i wanted to buy a flat bamboo strip 2 sort of experiment with as im making a product for my project..also needed bamboo canes so i can carve out my design…but thanks for the link :)

Answer #5

You can get full bamboo canes and split bamboo canes from garden centres. Arious lengths and thickness are available from about 15cm to 3 metres.
You can find Garden Centres all over the place.

Note that carving bamboo canes is not easy. the outer survace is very strong and slippy. When you cut into it it exproses razor sharp “shards” that are very dangerous.

You still give no indication of the size [ length x width x thickness ] of bamboo strip(s) you need. I don’t think you will get the advice you need unless you specify that.

Answer #6

Arious? ….. Doh! ….. ….. Various.

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