Should I buy the clothes from china

Should I buy the clothes and some stuff from the website at china and can I trust them and sent them the money by paypal .does they gonna steal my money without I get my order ?

Answer #1

Yes, of course you can. We buy some good quality from

Answer #2

my sister bought something from hong kong or china once and they totally screwed her over . it was a phone . it was broke and they sent her another one and that one didnt work either , but clothes might be different I don’t know . but be careful. !

Answer #3

I can not speak for this company because I dont know anything about what the company is or the products they sell. However, PayPal is a trusted system and is a secure thing to go ahead and use. I have used it countless times and have never had a problem with it and so have several of my friends. Its when they just want your bank account number that you should worry.

Answer #4

If buying from China, It’s always suggested to check your supplier before payment. I have checked dozens of companies, some claimed to be scammers. If need help in verifying your chinese supplier, mail me to

Irene Y

Answer #5

If you want to buy from China, you can choose a formal company Just like Fztruly which is a big cloth manufacture ,and owns its online mall(, It has shipped to 170 countries.

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