Why do i feel a cramp in my lower stomach after i ejaculate?

After I ejaculate I feel like a pain or a cramp in my lower stomach below the belt line but deep inside. The pain is only right after for a minute but is intense. I had a visecteme a little over a year ago but have had no problems.can any one help?

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Doctor time...you don't want to find out you might have some sort of strain, or a small hernia (not sure thats how its spelt) but I think with a hernia you'd see and feel it even worse...My friend had one and he used to throw up from it, and it made his belly button stick out...so I don't know...

best to ask a doc on this one, even if it is embarrassing just do it, the doctor sees and hears stuff far worse than that.

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well im no doctor so you should probably see one. it sounds weird to me, so you should see a doctor. okay?

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