What do you think about the Burka ban in France?

Answer #1

I think it’s an absurd law that speaks to the growing religious intolerance happening in France right now. France has been having problems dealing with its growing population of Muslim immigrants, and this is just the latest in a long list of serious issues. The law attempts to avoid being ruled unconstitutional by not using any culturally significant terms like “burka”. But it’s very clear who this law is aimed at.

On the other hand, France is not entirely to blame for this. Relations between the West and the Islamic world have been deteriorating for a long time. Something happens-such as the threat of a Koran burning or a cartoon about Muhammed-which provokes violent overreactions. That, in turn, causes more reactions, and it soon gets out of control.

Consider that Islam has a very bad image in Europe right now. And Europeans are not comfortable having a growing number of Muslims on the continent. Many do not see this as religious intolerance, or censorship. They fearfully see it as a necessary step to prevent unwanted cultural and political change.

Want another good example of this? Look at how long it’s taking for Turkey to get into the EU. They applied decades ago, but have been surpassed by almost all the Eastern European candidates. Europe is afraid of allowing an increasingly powerful Islamic nation into what Turkish PM Recep Erdogan angrily labeled “a rich, Christian club”.

Answer #2

sounds like a gang doesnt it, the burka ban lol

to be honest i dont care about it. if they donk like this new law then they can always move back to their own country from france. doesnt come into effect for another 6 months and already france is getting t3rrorist threats.

yes its part of their religion and a bit silly to bring a law in like this but as i said, i dont care.

Answer #3

I dont understand why they were allowed in the first place, if they commit a crime how you meant to see who it is if it caught on CCTV?

Answer #4

Please dont take offense in what I am about to say here, I am not a sexist but I am speaking on behalf of all united women as 1.

The Burka is: A garment with veiled eye holes that entirely covers the body and head. It is worn by Muslim women as a sign of modesty not to tempt any man when they are in their presence! It is a dress code for all Muslim women to wear. A dress code that makes them feel less then equal & is forced on them by a so called religious custom. If they decline to wear the burka for any reason what so ever, they face severe punishment!

Now imagine if this was a new law in your country…and if god forbid you were not wearing one, religious or not, how would you feel if the government allowed this sort of punishment for a Dress Code?! By banning this law, it gives women the right to choose to dress how they feel! If you would like to dress more modest you are free to do so without having to cover your entire self or be punished by law for not doing so! What kind of a world would we live in if they started to punish us by law for violating a dress code!? I mean seriously!

France or any other country for that matter, has every right to ban the law & even though I am not a Muslim, I agree to banning it…as I would to banning Any Dress Code! No one has the right to tell you how to dress, no matter what your religious beliefs are!

I am sure I speak for many Muslim women who feel ashamed when having to wear the Burka rather then having the freedom to dress how she pleases!
No one should have the power to dictate how a woman should dress, not by religion, not by law!!!

I apologize in advance if this post has offended you in any shape form or way, but it is our right to speak our mind when asked a question & I spoke my mind as a female…not as one opposed to any sort of religious belief! Everyone is entitled to believe in what ever it is they wish, but to force something of religion onto a law is beyond acceptable in my opinion! As Matty said..France is already getting t3rrorist threats for banning that law…what comes next…more violence?!

have a great day!

Answer #5

i know what you mean. its bang outta order. if i was to wear a balaclava down the street id get pulled by the police and asked to remove it but not before they ask why i was covering my face. same thing, the covering of faces is wrong on that side of the law but as i said earlier certain groups are sending t3rrorist threats to the country. what nice human beings. but wait, if we cant see their face how do we know if they are a human ;)

Answer #6

Look: you can commit all sorts of crimes…and have zero evidence. Bottom line, it’s a safety issue. I can’t in the US walk down the street in an all black costume (ninja style) with a freaking ski mask with out getting pulled over at the very least.

If I claim that I’m a devout follower of Shinto and on a holy pilgrimage, I’ll get laughed and as well as incarcerated.

As soon as the nujobs in ALL religions agree to put down their insane priests, pastors and imams…and denounce those who give that faith a bad rep, I’m all for banning special religious wear in public.

While they’re at it, let’s ban those bald spot covering hats…let’s ban special outfits for catholic priests, nuns, etc…special outfits do NOT make you better in the eyes of whatever deity you believe in.

Answer #7

Thats exactly what I said to my bloke when we were discussing it. I wish England would do it but we aint got no fukin balls!!

Answer #8

here here… thats cus we have such a huge asian community and then the government would be accused of being racist

Answer #9

It is not becasue the west doesnt get along with religion. It is becasuse Islam doesnt get along well withe the west, Or any other culture for that matter.

Answer #10

In Oregon we have held accountable, Christian’s who deny there kids Medical treatment based on their beliefs. Kids deserve healthcare. Muslim Woman DESERVE Basic human RIGHTS! The God given right to be seen by other humans beings and to not be treated like an object. To not get lashes with a whip when you are caught looking at another man, or parts of your female anatomy cut off if you are unfaithful. The last two examples are proven to still happen under sharia law in some Islamic Society’s. It is an undeniable fact. France took a great step in awrding Basic human rights to Muslim Woman.

Answer #11

I guess I don’t see how this analogy fits. There are parts of France that are predominantly Muslim, mostly North African immigrants. If women in those neighbourhoods are wearing burkas, what is the harm to society? Furthermore, how is their safety in jeopardy?

There is no other purpose for this law other than a fear in France (and Europe) that Muslims are taking over the continent.

Answer #12

I think it’s because both Islam and the West have low regard for each other. Neither wants the other to have a significant presence in their society.

Answer #13

I don’t know about the others, but when it comes to nuns and priests, they should be wearing the clothing they’re wearing not to look “special,” but because they’re not supposed to have much. It’s a life of simplicity, you have a few sets of the same robes, leave out the unnecessary. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but in any case, telling someone they’re not allowed to wear what they want or what their religion says they should in a country like ours…we might as well just take everyone’s clothes away and hand out “one size fits all” grey jumpsuits.

Answer #14

Muslim Woman DESERVE Basic human RIGHTS!

You mean including the right to wear what they want? Or only the rights you deem appropriate? Hypocrisy at its finest.

Answer #15

You may get pulled over. But no one is denying your right to wear whatever you want. Special religious wear or not, no one has banned any sort of outfit in the U.S. Given the the rights the U.S. upholds (and thus proclaims to be oh so superior to the rest of the world), i’d say lets not give up on those rights.

Answer #16

Oh and you’re not a muslim woman. Perhaps we should leave the protection of their rights to them. Perhaps they know better than you what they want or need.

Answer #17

Sigh. I think people really need to quit speaking for others and making assumptions about others. Do I think that the arab world needs to get a life and get over their 15th century attitude towards women, absolutely. Do I also know muslim women who choose to wear these clothes, yes. Therefore I choose not to speak for these women whom I dont understand. Especially when one comes from a totally different culture (which I dont entirely, my family is muslim, and yet I still choose not to speak for an entire culture)

Answer #18

Of course every woman deserves basic human rights !!! But where is the Muslims’ females right when they cannot even be in the same room with other men…..Young girls are placed in arranged marriages with older men, where is girls’ rights to love and fall in love with who they want without being killed by their fathers or brothers in the name of honour killings…..Where are the Muslims Women’s Rights, when she gets flogged or harmed for not being a virigin……One cannot say, they should have a right to decide if they want to wear the “Burka” or not in France but then turn a blind eyes to other issues too.

Answer #19

hmmm . . interesting. Like oil and water. I still think the west is more tolerant, but I shall look into it more before I just assume,

Answer #20

I think TY missed this point: Muslim woman do not have a choice.

Answer #21

In what world do you live in? We’re talking about in France. Not Saudi Arabia. The large percent of muslim women living in non-muslim countries have a choice. You take away their choice by deciding what they cannot wear. How many muslim women do you even know? You’re ranting about something you appear to have very little practical knowledge of. First of, muslims fall under a huge category. Burkas are only worn in a small sect of muslims (again, this is outside of muslim countries). And even within sects there are differences between how conservative people are. As for the rest of the human right violations, yes, a SMALL MINORITY of women experience this (and again I will emphasize my point of OUTSIDE muslim countries). You’ve jumped on the medias sensationalized version of what is going on, when in all reality, the majority of muslims do not participate in honor killings, they do not flog people for not being virgins, and they do not force women to wear certain clothes. Stop brandishing the phrase ‘muslim women’ as if all muslim women fall under this label.

Answer #22

And if you’re oh so interested in women’s rights, start closer to home with the rogue LDS churches who have no issue with incest, polygamy, child abuse and reducing their women to baby making machines without any rights.

Answer #23

Yep it’s ranting to you as per usual. People’s opinions are ranting but your own opinions are facts. Case closed, why do I even bother. Ciao Bella.

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