is a bunny inapropriate to be for halloween if your only 15?

for halloween i want to be a bunny but i dont know how to make it look unplayboyish. the only way i can think of that will make it look uninapropriate is a big furry bunny suit like the little kids where. my mom said she doesnt mind if i wear it cuz its just dress up for a night, its not like i actually dress like that. i just wanted shorts sheer stalkings and i tail and ears and cuffs but i change my mind about the cuffs because it will represent playboy. last year i went as a maid wich was an adultish costume but i dont think its as innapropriate as the bunny. and i also just moved to a new school on friday and on halloween i dont want people to see me and automaticaly asume im a slut because they dont know me very well yet. i dont want to have guys think of me one way and then girls think of me in another. so does anyone else think its a bit innapropriate or do u have ideas on how i can make it look non playboy without having to wear i giant suit?

Answer #1

Psh. No. GO FOR IT xD

Answer #2

instead of being the standard sexy, slutty bunny, you can be a cute bunny. you could go with white shorts, white top, safety pin a pink tail to your butt, uggs, stockings….get some white and pink ears, simple black/white/pink makeup, facepaint/eyeliner on a nose and whiskers. hope this helpsss

Answer #3

If they think your slut, ignore them. they dont mean anything to you :)

Answer #4

oops i dont think i really answered ur question! nooo it’s not inappropriate unless you make it inappropriate..

Answer #5

You could just wear the rabbit ears and wear whatever white clothing you want. It would be simple, you could carry a carrot around.

Answer #6

What?! Ofcourse not!!! You go as anything you want thats the whole point of halloween: dressing silly and having fun! Oh and free candies… Nah halloween parties are THE best! (I wont lie though I do miss the free candies, but i think im a lil old for that=/)

Answer #7

its kool u actualy did answer my question:) actually u answerd evrey question in this question thanx

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Answer #9

That sounds so cute! :D I love it. You could also wear a white skirt, just not short enough for it to look “playboyish”.Just wear everything white :D

Answer #10

i actualy wanted to wear black and pink

Answer #11

Oo :D, sounds awesome. I’m doing the same thing but in white.

Answer #12

It’s halloween, you dress up as something you’re NOT, that’s the whole fun of it. :D Go for it.

Answer #13

thanx :D

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