What's the budget situation look like where you live for local governments?

I just heard here in Miami this morning that they will probably be cutting more staff soon, even though they had an across the board paycut only five weeks ago.

Answer #1

According to our Minister of Finance, out treasury does not have a lot of money left, but still the Government decides to give prize money of 2 million for each person winning a competition over this Carnival Season. It is a lot of contests, which will only end next Tuesday after Carnival is done. We have Public Servants protesting Today over a 1% Wage Increase offered by the Government, and the crime is just getting worse, with the latest mu#der of an 8 year old boy. Things not looking too good here.

Answer #2

My town is bankrupt, my federal state has debts. My country has more debts per citizen than I will earn in my entire lifeā€¦ I think it just has to be that way.

Answer #3

Pretty bad. Twenty billion dollars of earthquake damage.

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