Brownish-red Hair to Bleach Blonde?

I want to dye my hair to bleach blonde, but my current hair color is brownish-red. What do I do to make it bleach blonde within a week [w/o turning it orange]

Answer #1

Sally’s also has this little packet of purple stuff to put in the color to keep hair from turning brassy when you go lighter. I use it on my son’s hair when I do his.

Answer #2

you dont want to ruin your hair by bleaching it, go to the nearest sally’s and get colour charm by wella (12ng) it gives you a very nice light blonde and takes out the orange without bleach , which will ruin your hair. its a conditioning colour and works like a charm.

Answer #3

Get some Kaleidocolor from the nearest Sally’s or Walmart. It’s simple. If it turns it orange, apply one more coat and it’ll go blonde. It can be harsh on hair, so be sure to condition it a lot. Eh? =]

Answer #4

I wouldn’t risk it, go to a salon ;D

Answer #5

I think you look good with the brownish red.

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