Why do i have brown hair if my mom and dad both have blond and so do my grandparents??

Answer #1

Recessive genes. Both your parents would have the recessive jean for brown hair, so you ended up with it. For your grandparents on either side only one would have had it, so the more dominate blond genes would have over rode it.

Thats my best guess anyways.

Answer #2

thanx :)

Answer #3

Both my parents have blue eyes along with all there brothers and sisters and parents and I have green/hazel eyes.

Answer #4

its the same as eyes…

brown eyes are the dominant gene.. so if 1 parent has blue and teh other has brown the child will 99% be born with brown.

as with baldness.. the bald gene isnt passed on from teh father, its passed on from the mother. so if the mothers dad was bald teh chances are that the son of the mother will be too.

im no good with sicence i just remeber parts of documentaries ive watched.

Answer #5

This is completely untrue, blonde genes are recessive, not brown. Brown will always override blonde.

Answer #6

are yuo sure cus this doc i watched was only on a few months ago?

Answer #7

blonde eyes?

Answer #8

Well you would expect to have blonde hair, since your parents theoretically only have blonde genes, (blonde being recessive) and therefore you could only inherit blonde genes. However gene interactions are pretty complicated and in reality there are multiple genes for hair colour. I cant give you an exact answer as to why you have brown hair.

Answer #9

haha, not you silly, the original answer! You just happened to answer just slightly before me!

Answer #10

i hold my hands up… im sill[stu]pid haha

Answer #11

nothing wrong with that - so am i!

Answer #12

cause you died it.

Answer #13

well your great grand parents must have had brown hair and they were recessive in your grandparents. then you said that your parents have blonde hair as well so they are recessive so you must be homozygous recessive for blonde hair (hh) Thank you biology! :)

Answer #14

nope sure didnt :)

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