Broken capillaries on face

I have some broken capillaries on my cheeks and nose, and It seems to be getting worse. I don’t drink or smoke, or even drink caffeine. What else can cause this?

Answer #1

The term “broken capillary” is a misnomer. 99% percent of the time, what you are seeing (the small red lines or area of redness) is simply a visible capillary, not a broken one. Even in those who drink heavily, the redness in the face and nose is due to capillary dilation from the alcohol use, not from any broken vessels.

Your picture doesn’t show much detail, but there is some red hair and pale skin visible, which means you’re probably going to have more capillaries visible than most people. The fairer the person’s skin, the more vessels are likely to show, and unfortunately, your options for effectively getting rid of them are pretty much limited to laser treatments.

Laser treatments are fast and painless, and the price isn’t outrageous, so if they really get under your skin (ha! get it?!), go talk to a dermatologist about the procedure.

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