Broiled salmon with cilantro and parmesean?

I am not at all a "good" cook...however, when my wife told me I was making dinner & we had salmon in the fridge, I threw it in the oven set to broil with cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper, soy sauce and parmesean...does that sound ok? It sure smells good, but, I'm a tad concerned I may have ruined the fish :(

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Sounds about right.
It's similar to this one

I think it should be yummy :D

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It was actually very salmon I've made :)

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Hm, that's got olives (kalamata)...I know that's good :) I've had some amazing salmon before at this Spanish restaurant with a kalamata & green olive mix for a paste before it was broiled...I was wondering about the flavor combination of cilantro & parmesean though ;)

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Cilantro is similar to parsley and is always a great accompaniment for parmesan...good work :)

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sounds good to me, all but the soy sauce, not that I don't like it but not with this dish,
so how did it taste?

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