What should I bring on a long hiking trip through a cave?

Answer #1

a flash light lol, um, matches maybe, food, water, more water. idk what else lol. watch man vs wild and bear grills will probably say something better lol

Answer #2

2 flashlights, extra betteries, matches, food, plenty of water perhaps excess

Answer #3

ok thanks

Answer #4

In addition to everything else already mentioned a cell phone

Answer #5

I can’t I won’t get reception…

Answer #6

you might not get reception but at least you can take pictures of your journey lol

Answer #7

also cell phones have been used to aid in the rescue attempts for caves when some members of the team have become trapped or injured and other members have gone to the entrance or just outside the entrance to call for help using the cell phone.

Answer #8

yea true, and yea i”m bringing a camera to take pictures :)

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