What would you bring on a three day trip with your school?

Answer #1

Well it depends on where you’re going… If it’s just to meseums and stuff, bring your camera, phone, clothes, sleeping gear, anything you need to keep yourself occupied.

If it’s to a place where you are going to be outside/in the water- then bring sunscreen, bathing suit, comfortable shoes, clothes, sleep wear, towel, aloe (just incase of burns) camera, phone etc. etc..

Answer #2

What to take on a 3 day get-a-way..

Sleeping bag, pillow, pajamas.

toothbrush/paste, hairbrush, tampons, soap, conditioner, shampoo, razor, hairspray, makeup, etc–whatever you use regularly.

as many pairs of pants as days you will be there; same with undies, shirts, socks, etc. bring at least one extra outfit incase something rips, gets spilled on, etc.

bring books, music, portable game system, cards, magazines, etc, for something to do–cards will be fun because you can involve your friends.

depending on the place your going you may need to bring a towel, but if your at hotel, you will need a bathing suit.

cosmetics–if you use them, bring the stuff you use everyday–mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, dont bring the stuff you never use.

comfort–you might bring your fav pillow, a bag of cookies, chips whatever brings you comfort and reminds you of home

snacks–whatever you want to eat!

Answer #3

lol tampons :)

Answer #4

true, never forget the camera, phone charger,extra batteries..

Answer #5

Always important :)

Answer #6

people (family & friends) always complain that I pack like I have to bring everything in the house..

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