What should i get my best friend for her bridal shower?

What are some good gifts to get my best friend for a bridal shower gift? I'm terrible at buying gifts and need some help.

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Check out this site! I love it for events such as those! theres really nice stuff in there im sure you'll like them!


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Normally, bridal shower gifts have something to do with the wedding or honeymoon. This site I'm linking below has some cute ideas. I'd type them all out, but my fingers would fall off :)


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I own an intrnet busness which is attached to a shopping mall called Quixtar. we have a ribon gift progran available. there is a wedding gift package. it is a small catalog and gift card you would give to her. she then chooses the gift she likes and goes to the website and punches in the number of the gift she wants and it is shipped to her. we also carry many other packages of gifts. respond if you would like to know more. Linda B

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Get her something awesome for her new house! Im sure the new couple need something!

Best Friends Bday!

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