Is Brett Favre gonna come back for 2011-2012 season?

Answer #1


It’s enough, should have retired after the Jets fiasco…

He is loosing respect from a lot of fans…

Answer #2

But he still has skill and strength

Answer #3

i actually agree

Answer #4

lmao…favre should not ever come back to the NFL. he has skill in throwing the football to the other team. plus he has 2 civil suits against him and a future divorce. well on second thought now, he may have to come back to the NFL to get money after everything is settled lmao

Answer #5

He’s 41, so…not for much longer.

Answer #6

I think he is finally done, He is getting old now and due to his health he finally decided to put his helmet down.

Answer #7

Ummmm no

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