Can anyone breifly explain to me how IRA works?

Answer #1

It is a investment for retirement where you can receive a higher interest on you money. There are different risk levels you can invest in, the higher the risk the greater the reward, but also the more you can lose. Right now I have my IRA’s in high risk, the down turn in the economy is great for investment.

Answer #2

IRS? or IRA?? two different things… IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service…. and IRA was/is the Irish Republican Army…. which as my understanding are like ter.rorist that fight againts some other country.. i forgot… i think if im not wrong they fought the other part of ireland… east and west.. i could be totally wrong… correct me if i am

Answer #3

Chris was right on the money. Its a type of investment.

Answer #4

ohh wait…. there are two IRA’s…. the retirement one.. sorry… i got confused

Answer #5

the ira want northern island back but we wont give it to them so they kill innocent men, women and children with bombs, mainly in london… well they used to anyway..

birmingham 6 anyone?

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