Breeding my pug

I am considering breeding my pug when she comes of age. She just went into heat for the first time. I want to do everything right. I don’t really care if I make tons of money I just want be a GOOD breeder for people to come to instead of backyard breeders. What are some steps I can take to make sure I do everything right? What kind of prenatal care will my dog need? What are the costs? Any advice from anyone, especially breeders, would be appreciated. Thank You!

Answer #1

First you need to breed for all the right reasons. You need to have money on hand ahead of time in case something goes wrong, You have to realize by breeding your dog and not spaying her will increase chances of her getting cancer. You need to make sure she us up to date on vaccines, and see’s a vet once a year. Once she ties with a male she will be carring for about 63 days, you need to have a whelping box or area where she will have the pups, you need to increase her food, ( I feed my female puppy food during this time) Make sure she stays calm and getst the excercise and rest she needs, Read as much as you can about this breed, breathing issues, and spinabiffida ( spelling) I would have x-ray done between 58-60 days so you know how many pups to expect. When she goes into labor it is best for you to be there and if you run into any problems have a vet or friend lined up for questions. I am sure I am missing a lot but when you choose to breed there is a lot to think about, My best advice would be to do a lot of reading and searching on Whelphing a Dog and about the Pug breed. We have a great group here called For the Love of Our Dogs, so I am sure you will get all the advice you need.

Answer #2

Please reconsider before you do this. Its admirable that you want to be a good breeder and not like the BYB’s but you really don’t know what will happen to those puppies when they leave u. There are too many abused and neglected puppies in the world now. How about having her spayed and enjoying her cuteness and unconditional love instead!? Please!?

Answer #3

I agree with harleyrider, lol shes always right, plus I wouldent recomend breeding dogs, its just like getting dogs from the pet shop, oh I hate that, just buy a couple of puppies from the POUND, please dont breed your dogs/cats unless it is really nessceary, when you breed puppies it gives the dogs at the shelter a less chance of getting adopted, it gives them a chance of death,go to a pug rescue shelter and ask if they have any puppies. please do the world a favor and dont breed your dog, save a dog from the shelter. :)

Answer #4

hi funmail me sometime… :)

Answer #5

Breeder of Labs and Boxers :)

  • Get OFA ( hips), cardio (heart), and ellbows done.
  • The health test DM and EIC should be done.
  • Female needs to be up to date on shots before she is even bred.
  • When she’s about 4 weeks pregnant get her demadex wormer.
  • Have oxytocin on hand for shots and only use after 1st puppy has entered the world or it’ll kill them all.
  • Dewclaws need to be done under 4 days old, have a vet do it.
  • Only breed your dog if it is registered and is show quality!
  • Be aware your female could die durring labor and you may lose one or all the puppies.
  • She’ll cry ungodly the first time she locks together with a male and you can do nothing for her.
  • Have 600 dollars saved up for a emergency c-section 25% of pugs need c-sections because of large body.

Personally i think you should let the actual breeders who know what they are doing do the work. If you puppies foster from a local animal rescue

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