Breeding my pug

Okay,so right now I have a 9 week old pug puppy. My parents and I were talking, and we decided that in about 2 years, we would like to breed her. We are thinking about getting a male in 2 years to mate with her. (we would probably try to find one close to her age). The thing is, it would be our first time ever breeding dogs, but we want ot be known as credible because we plan on doing this strictly for the sake of producing good quality, healthy puppies for people to buy as an alternative to puppy mill puppies. The thing is, we don’t know where to begin. Should we register somewhere? What should we do to make sure we, and molly (our pug), are ready to breed in 2 years?

Answer #1

Having an AKC pup, does NOT mean you have the best “quality” pup…Anybody with purebred dogs can register them…and there’s lots and lots and LOTS of badly bred registered dogs.

Since you have two years…start out by reading and getting to know all the standards for the Pug breed…You won’t even know if your dog is good enough to breed until it’s close to a year old. You might also want to contact the Pug Dog Club of America for information (many legit breeders belong)…

As you know, Pugs can have many, MANy genetic flaws…so after you are familiar with the “standards” (which you can find at the AKC site), then start talking to legit breeders (people who breed only one or two breeds of dogs…or “hobby” breeders…these are the people who are into it for love, NOT money)…People who show their Pugs would also be worth looking into for a mate.

Keep in mind that Pugs, like Bulldogs, are high pregnacy risks…and give birth often by cesarian…a cesarian starts at about $1200, in most places…and can go up if there are any difficulties.


Answer #2

No you dont need to sign up, you’ll know when she’s ready…lol

Also, you can register your pups online when she has them, you may even be able to register Molly so that other breeders can see her (in case they want to breed with you) Google for different pup/dog sites and breeders sites, see whats out there.

Answer #3

Me and my hubby will become breeder for the first time as well. We were told by another credible breeder to keep the pup as healthy as possible. She also gave us orginal documents that show that our pup is a pure bred. When you have those papers, it shows that you have the best as far as selling them, thats how you become credible. Now, all you have to do is keep up with shot records and health of the dog.

Answer #4

My lord, DON’T breed your dog. She is not there to put money in your pockets. Don’t you realize there are MILLIONS of dogs and cats killed each year, their bodies dumped into landfills? And as far as responsible breeders, you need more than certification papers to prove you are responsible… filling out some forms “online” do not prove anything… Have your dog spayed and stop this. Enjoy your pet for the loving animal she is, don’t try to make money off of her.

Answer #5

phrannie, good…NO great answer…!

Answer #6

how do I get my 2 silly pugs to be willing to do it.??? My male wants to my female is a tease. any ideas??

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