breeding chihuahuas

should I breed my chihuahua

Answer #1

Ditto to harley…Breeding any dog isn’t something to do lightly. It takes money, and if something goes wrong, it’s extremely time-intensive…If you did have to bottle feed one or all babies, can you get up every hour and a half, all night…all day…everyday…for a week or two??? That’s what you’d have to do.


Answer #2

If yuo really want to know the answer, there are a lot of things you would have to follow as the breeder. I do breed chihuahua’s. I have a 4# female who just had a c-section on 9-19-08. If you really want info on this you can funmail me. But this is a job and requires money, and a vet. So until you would do all your homework on this subject. I would say you are not ready, if you do all your homework then the choice is up to you. Italianabella, that is not true in every case. I have never bottle feed any of my chihuahua puppies.

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Answer #4

if you do, bottle feed the puppies because a lot of puppies die because chihuahuas cant carrie enough milk. so go ahead if you want to

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