How can i produce breast milk without pregnancy?

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With a combination of the right levels of oxytocin and prolactin which are hormones you release after giving birth you could probably get your body to lactate...
Why would you want to?

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Yeahh. It's definately NOT possible!!! But if your breasts are having some kind of leakage or something like that then you should go see a health care professional!

How to produce breast milk with out pregnancy?

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That was my same question. I am going to be adopting a baby in November and I would like to also breast feed. I still haven't totally dried up from my first nor my second child. I am trying to find out what helps to lactate so I could be able to breast feed my new baby that will be here in November. I know that you can, just need some info on how to make it happen, and as far as those of you saying that you can't unless you have a baby, then what did the people do back in the old days that DIDN'T want to breast feed..

I want to produce breast milk
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The ability to induce lactation or relactate is a perfectly normal part of a woman's physiology and her desire to adult nurse is a perfectly normal part of an adult male/female relationship. More and more couples today are discovering the corporeal intimacy and spiritual inner peace that is part of adult nursing.
You can induce milk for your boyfriend and your pleasure - There are many sites and many groups on this. Look it up - it can be FUN!

When does breast milk stop producing?

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You cannot You have to be pregnant CrAzY Q lol =]]

Can I produce breast milk for my husband without being pregnant?
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what if the husband drinks the breast milk?

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Thank you Tiffany for making this page worth coming to. I will be going to that website. I knew that it was possible but I need to know where to start. Some women can't bear there own children and need a surrogate, but still want to nurse their baby. Ignorance is fine IF you don't take the time to type it out. If you don't know about it don't comment. You look like idiots, and make every one else know you are.

Does milk from my breasts mean I'm pregnant?
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if you are using it for a sexual reason just cover your body in Milk! lol it is actually really fun and It will be the same (well almost)

I was surprised you said it was for your boyfriend lol
Have fun!

Why are my breasts leaking milk after 8 years?

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not possible.

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hi iam 54 years old I love to breast feed my husband and I would like to get my breast milk back so my husband could drink my breast milk . I have asked my doctor & all she told us it would misss up my hormones . I have had cancer three times . and with all the med s they gave me miss my hormones and ways .so what is the big deal now .. we look at it this way we are not hurting any one ..

When does a girl start producing milk? like when shes a teenager or when they first get pregnet.and when would a girl stop making it?
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I am very tired of people who answer without actually knowing the facts. You most certainly can produce breast milk without ever being pregnant. Adoptive mothers do it every day. Also women in Africa often breast feed babies of mothers who have died of AIDS. Please visit this website for more information or you can google induced lactation. It doesn't hurt anyone if it is just for your boyfriend's pleasure, however, as a mother who pumps breast milk I will warn you that it is a very time consuming thing to do. You will have to wear special lactation pads in your bra because if you go w/out pumping for several hours or if you hear a crying baby, your "let down reflex" will respond and your shirt will be soaked in a matter of seconds! Just be well informed of the efforts involved and make your own, educated decision. Good luck on whatever you decide.

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Women who adopt babies can breast feed so it IS POSSIBLE. Buy a breast pump and use it about 20 minutes on each breast every two hours. Within a week or so your milk will come in.

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It actually is possible, pregnancy isn't the only thing that triggers it. Stress will, as well as certain hormones or medication. I took Risperadol for some time, and had experienced full-blown lactation, I would literally soak through a bra and shirt, as well as anything I put in the bra to stop it. I finally had to stop taking it. Trina1975 is also correct about the pump ... but for what reason would you want to produce milk?

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why would you want breast milk if your not pregnant? are adopting? if you are, then get some from a milk bank because its not possible.

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Because it is a big turn on for guys, who love sucking on your nipples and if you can sexually through play while a man is suckling on your nipples, why not give him the full pleasure of drinking breast milk. It's true it cannot hurt you if you do this for 20 minutes a day for a week, perhaps it will help your breasts out too. Someone who is pregnant refrains from ever having breast cancer while pregnant and breast feeding as opposed to someone whose never gotten pregnant would be exposed. You can read it at on this.

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Im a40 year old women I had my tubes tied 12years ago had sex with my husbands the next month I being felling sick I have headaches and fell like vomited is there a chance I can be pregant and also there leaking in my breast please help me too old too have a baby lele.

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Yea why would you want 2? She probably stole a baby or some crazy stuff

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how long will it take to dry up if you do this and want to stop

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As mentioned by others, it is very possible to lactate without pregnancy and for many years (or decades as in my case).
Manually massaging your breasts every day is a great way to begin and to increase your production when you so desire.
Don't stress yourself out if it takes a while to begin milk production because every woman's body is different, just enjoy the chance to make your body feel good which will help increase your natural production of oxytocin in turn helping with milk production.

While producing breast milk for your sweetheart is a great side effect an even more important one will be an increased pleasure response you feel yourself.

I have found many American doctors to be narrow minded about non pregnancy milk production (they are taught to think inside the box after all) so do not let their lack of information or personal beliefs discourage you. Find an herbalist or a natural foods store that can direct you towards teas, dietary suggestions and natural supplements used for lactation.
If you are uncomfortable asking such personal questions face to face, research natural remedies to increase lactation online and go in with a list ready to purchase.

Remember that lactation is not something you will be 'stuck' with once you begin so enjoy the experience and embrace the adventures it will bring you and your sweetheart.

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There are a lot of other sex positions, fetishes and toys to get things going for your lover if you want something more plausible, bud.

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