How many pints of breast milk can a woman produce?

How many pints of breast milk can a woman produce in 24 hours, when she is lactating?

Answer #1

Are you planning on going into production lol. Sorry I couldnt help myself there lol. Above answer is correct.

Answer #2

I looked up this for you on the net.

In the first week, after your milk has ‘come in’, you can expect to produce about 300–500ml of breast milk in a 24-hour period. This should increase to about 600–700ml over the following two to three weeks. Just so you dont think im a bog meanie for laughing at your question .xx

Answer #3

there’s no set answer, each woman is different. there are so many factors that affect your ability to produce milk. stress, dehydreation, lack of sleep, poor diet will all decrease your supply.

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