What is the attractive breast size which every girl dreams?

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From a guy's point of view - there is no "one size fits all"! Every woman is different, and that is good! No girl/woman ever really needs to worry whether men find their size attractive. Generally, at least some of us do, and often most of us! Don't worry about your body - men really don't!

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My chest is a 36D and I'm happy with it. The only thing I would change is the "perkiness" lol.

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I have pretty small breast, but since I'm into sports I dont really want them that much bigger . just a bit so that I can have more cleavage

Average breast size?
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there aint no best size I am the happy the way I am
with my breast size 36D
and I wouldnt change for no one so you shouldnt

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I've never dreamed of having a certain size, I'm very happy with the size I am though :)

What breast cup size is average for 15/16 year old's?
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Im a British size 6 (American size 2) with a bust size or 32C
I am very happy with my breast size.
And so Is my partner :P

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There is no "Dream size breast".
EVERYONE has different taste
Some like big some like small.
Therefore your question could be "Do women perfer big or small breast?"

whats the normal bra cup size for a 14 year old girl ?

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