How long do you keep spacers before braces?

How long do braces hurt for? I have to get bottom and top and spacers before the braces. Here is how it goes.

                Week 1: get spacers put in.
                Week 2: get top braces.
                Week 3: get bottom braces. 
                 I was also wondering how it feels to get spacers in. And how it feels to get rubber bands. Answer back!!!
Answer #1

its all feels foreign at first, but you wont notice the spacers after a couple of hours, other then a toothache, if you get one. the braces will hurt for a couple days, mine did, then you wont even notice them. keep soft foods in the house, like soup and banadas and cheesewhiz sandwiches. the braces will hurt everytime you get them tightened, but only for a coupe hours. its overall not a painful experience and the outcome is totally worth it!

Answer #2

Thanks, ericauda. Your advice has helped a lot.

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