How long doi haveto keep my cartliagepiercing in beforei change it?

How long do I have to keep my cartliage pircing in before I can change it . I’ve had it pierced for about 4 ish days . I pierced it myself .

I’ve pierced my Ear lobes 3 in each ear Cartliage Septum (middle of nose ) My nose My lip Under my tounge Belly button .

Answer #1

12 weeks.

Answer #2

jezz. why do you have so many piercings if your only 13?

Answer #3

As long as it’s not infected or sore then I see no reason why you couldn’t change it now. I can’t actually change mine, the rings permently in there lol, I have to go back to the shop if I want mine changing.

Answer #4

its painful when you take it out to soon and seeing as you pierced it yourself I’d be extra careful, cartlidge is tricky there are certain spots with a lot of nerves and you could cause major damage to your ear! leave it in for a while hon!

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