How does the dentist put braces on you?

How do the dentist put braces on you?

Answer #1

well they made the mold of my teeth like 6 wks before they put my braces on.. then they glued on the little circle things then the wire just fits into it then they take this little metal tool thingy and tighten it up… and it hurts like 50 times more then what people. say, so make sure that you have tylenol and origel!!!

Answer #2

well first of all…the dentist doesn’t do it…it’s an orthodontist…it depends on how messed up your teeth are for the putty cause I don’t have to chew on putty..and yeah he/she basically glues them on with cement

Answer #3

before I got them they made me chew on this putty like stuff wich made a mould of my teet. when I had them they made me open my mouth as wide as possible an put this clamp fing in 2 keep it open they then put cement like stuff on the back of your teeth on each side of the mouth and attach the metal circles that fit an secure round your back teeth then they attch the wire to that then they glue lil pieces of metal on to your teeth (wich is the squears) and the wire goes threw them acctttaching to all 4 pieces of metal on the back of your teeth they there dun!

Answer #4

first they take a mould ages before you get your braces fitted then when you go back they attach these metal rings to the back teeth with this cement like stuff then they put on the coloured blocks then attack the wires. it doest hurt when they put them on and only takes about half an hour but afterwards it wrecks but u’ll b fine ! Don’t worry :D

Answer #5

It doesnt hurt. But it is sooo long and boring. Why cant they invent something like a tv we can watch?

Answer #6

how much were your braces guys.I want to get braces ma teeth are cruked

Answer #7

how much were your braces guys.I want to get braces ma teeth are cruked.I stay in botswana

Answer #8

welll… what they do is they glue some meatle squeares on the froont and put the wire through then they put something on the back of the teeth that keeps them on

btw im expecting braces soon too

Answer #9

I don’t know

Answer #10

first it isnt a dentsit it is an ortho ans they put celent on tour teeth then they meke it sticky with this blue lite and then they put the brackets on 1 by 1 and then put the wire thru and titen it up and then they put rubber bands on them

Answer #11

I am doing it and I think it is going to hurt me ill see if it will not hurt me

from dharita

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