what would you do if your boyfriend was more attracted to his *own* mother than you?

Answer #1

That’s like mental incest to me. He has an attachment to his mom because I don’t know boys just seem more attached to their moms. I’d never think of my mom like THAT though. You gotta tell him he has a problem, unless this is just a hypothetical thing =D

Answer #2

If your age is really correct on your profile then your boyfriend [if hes the same age or close] will be more all about his mom than you, you two are young. when he gets older he wont be all about his mother and be more about his girlfriends. hope this helped!

Answer #3

no its not hypothetical -_- nd ive just NOW gotten him to ADMIT he is attracted to her. in that way. the way he TALKS about her,,, o.O,,, i wish he thought of me that way.

Answer #4

I’ve found physical age doesn’t have anything to do with mental age.

Answer #5
  1. thank yu thats kinda reasurring.
  2. we are actually kinda matured for our age ( been together coming up on 3 years now)
  3. girlfriend(s)? lol
Answer #6

I don’t know how to help really. I don’t get that kind of attraction. Tell him he has a problem!

Answer #7

Thats not appropriate in the slightest…this guy has issues =/

Answer #8

And Kayla she said he basically SEXUALLY likes his mom so that’s definitely matured in that sense. And our society is becoming less censored and more liberal so Kayla if you’re older than 13, especially a lot older, then you probably wouldn’t be able to accurately compare yourself to her when you were 13… if this makes any sense. People are dating younger and younger so no age limits on love! I totally get you Morgn =)

Answer #9

being together for a long period doesnt necessarily mean your more matured for your age, me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year and were no where near matured lol and i didnt mean girlfriends as a bad way just how ever many he has as the years go by, hopefully you two stay together for a long time tho.

Answer #10

^^ thank you. =.

Answer #11

and im only 14 by the way, and i didnt get the whole sexually likes her. thats pretty bad if he does like her in that way. but if he talks about her a lot [not in a sexual way] then its really not that bad.

Answer #12

Thats possibly the most disturbing thing i have ever heard of

Answer #13

Do you mean like he is very close to his mom? If that is it, then that is normal, I don’ t think that the way a mother is loved replaces anathing. But If you mean that he likes his mom like in a girlfriend way… then I don’t know what to tell you, other than that he need help for this because it is not normal.

Answer #14

i just dont know what to do about it, i mean, i love him i do, nd i dont want this to ruin us, but its like..well kinda wrong. doesnt exactly help MY self esteem either. considering i will never “ have b00bs like his mother- theyre so perfect” =\

Answer #15

I would feel a little worried, slightly creeped out, and bothered, all at once? I mean, that’s his mom right there… Not even step mom, that’s your genetic mother…

Answer #16

But more common than you may realize I hate to say.

Answer #17


Answer #18

ikr ! =\

Answer #19

Wtf wow thats disgusting

Answer #20

over nd done with lol now i need to know how to co-op with it =\ nd fix it , if i can

Answer #21

uhh if he said that then i definitely agree with people, this kid has issues with mother and needs some help. :/

Answer #22

Well that’s just bordering incest, to say the least. Yeah this is disgusting – take the first ticket out of that situation, please.

Answer #23

The moral of the story is if you ever have a son don’t smother him.

Answer #24

You would think that knowing he came out of her v@gina would fix that.

Answer #25

^^its not that easy tho miguel, i mean, im pretty sure he’ll grow outta it…..

Answer #26

thats what im saying

Answer #27

I’d call that wishful thinking Morgan.

Answer #28

Sounds a rather lot like Freud’s psychosexual theories where the son and the father compete to get the mother’s attention, and where when a son looks for a woman, is actually desiring his mother. Lol. But yea :/ I’d be weirded out.

Answer #29


Answer #30

i find this whole thing truly disturbing……….

Answer #31

idk how to co-op with it =\ honestly, the fact that he is attracted to his mother doesnt gross me out much,, its that he is attracted to her, more than me,, saying like ill never have a body like hers or something like that, its like,, ugh. nd he likes “listening to her”.. while shes with his dad..yea..

Answer #32

omg ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

Answer #33

Dump him, thats what i would do. he needs to see a doctor or something because i have never heard of this before in my life and this seriously bothers me

Answer #34

Okay seriously this guy has some problems. And any guy who talks to you making you feel bad like that about your body isn’t worth it. ESPECIALLY one who feels that way about his mother.

Answer #35

haha, yea Freud has some pretty weird theories, I love reading about him though.

Answer #36

It’s time to dump Oedipus. I’m sure you can find someone better than a guy attracted to his mother. Do you really want to spend all your time with him being compared to his mom? It’s just odd…and indicative that there’s a real problem going on there.

Answer #37

He’s right. It’s not really something you grow out of…

Answer #38

Only way he’ll change is if he’s separated from his mom, slowly and for a while. Like mom rehabilitation.

Answer #39

Ooooh kinky!!! Thats kinda hot! x( NO ITS NOT! Kk i cant even joke, thats gross I’d dump the hell out of him..

Answer #40

That would have to be one HOT mum, like out of this world hot jeez

Answer #41

she is attractive yes.

Answer #42

So that’s better than if she were a 200 pound 50 year old lepper. (leprosy is the condition where your skin ages fast so 15 years old = 80)

Answer #43

Id be insulted and be creeped.

Answer #44

This is of topic, but I find it amusing how Miguel answered to a question saying what would you do if your boyfriend….LOL. sorry :P

Answer #45


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