Box Hair Dye

My hair is currently dyed a light black and it needs a new dye. I want to have a light undertone of a dark red so I’m thinking of mixing a black dye with another black dye that has red in it, but I just want to make sure it’s more black than anything. Does anyone have any advice? Or has anyone tried this combination before?

Answer #1

you shouldnt mix dys not only can it be dangerouse if certain chemicals mix togeteher but anything you mix with black wont come out black cannot me mixed with another colour, because it will all just go black, a lighter colour of black, or a horrible shade of greyish black so dont mic the colours if you wanted dark red youd need to bleach or get your hair profesionally bleached once so it turns more orangy than blonde and then dye it with a dark red dye but mixing the colours will not work

Answer #2

do not mix box hair dyes together. go to a salon or go to sally beauty supply and they can help you.

Answer #3

not good too mix dies together that are not the same color or name brand. try doing them like 1 at a time. doing soo will damage your hair and cause brittle split ends.

Answer #4

my mom a stylist and I asked her about the same thing, because I wanted the same thing, she said never because then the die can completely change color.

go to the store and look at the natural instincts hair dye and look for a red black shade that they have it’s really pretty (:

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